April 2020 Foosball in Dunedin

We are very happy to announce that soon there will be a place for foosball in Dunedin: The Unipol

We owe this Dunedin-Foosball-Project to Marcus Schulz, vice president of the German Table Soccer Federation (DTFB) and foosball super-spreader, to Christian Fiedler, managing director of the foosball table company Leonhart, who sponsors professional foosball tables (leo-pro tournament) for this project, and to the Unipol team, which offers the space to set up tables!


We expect the foosball tables to be set up in July 2020. You are welcome to use them free of charge, and we will provide free coaching once or twice a week. I will post updates on

April 2020 What the Kiwi of the insect world - the New Zealand stonefly - can teach us about the evolution of olfaction

Adaptive evolution of olfactory degeneration in recently flightless insects

Neupert S, McCulloch AG, Foster JB, Waters MJ, Szyszka P

bioRxiv, 2020


  • Flight poses a selective pressure for fast olfaction.
  • Flightless stonefly lineages rapidly lose olfactory acuity (within 15,000 years).
  • Evolution of olfactory degradation occurs in genetically independent lineages.


March 2020 Arrival of two photoionisation detectors funded by an University of Otago Research Grant

Two photoionisation detectors (miniPID B, Aurora) to measure olfactory stimulus dynamics with millisecond precision.

February 2020 Interview about brain waves in honey bees

February 2020 New Paper about brain waves in honey bees with Tzvetan Popov

Spontaneous alpha and odour-induced gamma oscillations in the mushroom bodies of honey bees

Alpha oscillations govern interhemispheric spike timing coordination in the honey bee brain

Popov T, Szyszka P

Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 2020

February 2020 Air compressor for operating olfactory stimulators arrived

November 2019 Honey bee hive arrived

June 2019 Foosball table arrived

Ullrich Beast Pro Foosball table. Trying to make Foosball big in Dunedin.

September 2018 Moving to New Zealand

I am looking forward to becoming a Lecturer in Zoology at the University of Otago in February 2019.