09/2018 - Moving to New Zealand

I am looking forward to becoming a Lecturer in Zoology at the University of Otago in February 2019.

09/2018 - New Preprint

Sehdev A*, Mohammed YG*, Triphan T, Szyszka P. 

Olfactory object recognition based on fine-scale stimulus timing in Drosophila.

bioRxiv, 2018

  • Flies can use temporal differences in odorant arrival down to 5 milliseconds to segregate mixtures of attractive and aversive odorants.
  • Odor source segregation works for odorants with innate, as well as learned valences.
  • Thus, the insect olfactory system can use stimulus timing for olfactory object segregation, similar as mammalian auditory or visual systems use stimulus timing for concurrent sound segregation and figure-ground segregation.



06/2018 - New Paper

Egea-Weiss A*, Renner A*, Kleineidam CJ, Szyszka P. 

High precision of spike timing across olfactory receptor neurons allows rapid odor coding in Drosophila

iScience, 2018

  • Olfactory receptor neuron responses are fast and temporally precise
  • Odor-evoked spikes can occur 3 ms after odorant arrival and jitter less than 1 ms
  • First-spike timing varies over a wider concentration range than spike rate
  • Neural network model demonstrates the plausibility of a spike-timing code for odors