Group Members

Paul Szyszka

Asj Taylor (Master of Science, Neuroscience)


I'm investigating whether honey bees use magnetoreception to aid navigation for my 2-year master's thesis. 

tayas946 at

Paul Szyszka

Eva Kakrada (Bachelor of Science with Honours, Zoology)


I'm investigating bumble bees' capabilities to solve the matching to sample task. 

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Paul Szyszka

Paul Szyszka (Group leader)

2019: Lecturer in Neuroethology, University of Otago, New Zealand

2012: Visiting Researcher, Arizona State University - Lab of Brian Smith

2006 - 2018: Postdoc/Group leader, University of Konstanz - Lab of Giovanni Galizia

2005: PhD, Neuroscience, Free University of Berlin - Lab of Randolf Menzel

Paul Szyszka

Prakriti Chetri (Postgraduate Diploma in Science, Neuroscience)


I will be investigating if bumble bees have the ability to perform cross modal associative learning between visual stimuli and an odour stimuli.

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Paul Szyszka

Sophie Dong (Bachelor of Science with Honours, Neuroscience)


I'm Sophie, and I'm working with honeybees and bumblebees to see whether they are capable of forming cognitive maps by developing novel routes independently

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Former Group Members


Alja Lüdke

Physiology of short term odor memories in Drosophila (2011)

now in Giovanni Galizia’s group


PhD student

Aarti Sehdev

Odour-background segregation and source localisation using fast olfactory processing

now at Yale University


Yunusa Mohammed

Odor source separation and olfactory learning in Drosophila


Kristina Dylla

Physiology of trace memories in fruit flies (2016)

now at Caltech


Jacob Stierle

Mixture processing and odor-object segregation in the insect olfactory system (2013)

now at MaxCine 


Diploma / Master student

Fabian Hersperger

The effect of adaptation on the response dynamics and temporal resolution of olfactory receptor neurons in Drosophila melanogaster - An electrophysiology study (2016)

now at University Freiburg Medical Centre


Hendrik Hartmann

Behavioral and molecular analysis of trace and delay conditioning and the effect of training intensity in honey bees (2014)

now at MPI Leipzig 


Jacob Stierle 

Optophysiological analysis of projection neurons in the antennal lobe of the honeybee (2007)

now at MaxCine


Bachelor student

Cansu Tafrali

Social influences on associative odor-food learning in Drosophila melanogaster (2018)


Ole Lessmann

Temporal resolution of CO2-transduction in Drosophila, revealed by electrophysiological recordings (2016)


Sabrina Henke

The effect of sweetness and nutritiousness on reward learning in honey bees (2016)


Doreen Taube 

The effect of temporal stimulus structure on mixture interactions in Drosophila olfactory receptor neurons (2016)

now at ETH Zürich


Alexander Egea-Weiss

Sub-millisecond temporal precision of olfactory receptor neuron responses revealed by electrophysiological double recordings in Drosophila) (2016)

now at University College London


Kym Ahrens

The role of nutritional value and sweetness in odor-reward learning in honey bees (2015)


David Sailer

Characterizing trace and delay conditioning in the honey bee using behavioural studies and pharmacology (2014)


Alpha Renner

Speed and temporal resolution of olfactory reception in Drosophila melanogaster measured by single sensillum recordings (2013)

now University of Zürich


Oliver Kühn

A new imaging based approach to analyse internal states and learning performance of individual honey bees (2013)


Florian Kaiser

A new approach to measure behavior and brain activity in single flies during olfactory conditioning (2011)


Julia Bauer

A new behavioral assay to study aversive memory formation in harnessed fruit flies (2010)


Martin Rüssler

Processing of stimulus dynamics in the olfactory system of the honey bee (2009)


Mariann Oemisch

Behavioral characterization of classical trace conditioning and memory formation in honey bees (2009)

now at Yale School of Medicine


Stephanie Biergans

The role of GABAb in the processing of perfect and imperfect odor mixtures (2009)

now at University of Toronto


Judith Sorge

Analysis of single projection neuron responses in the honey bee antennal lobe (2008)


Ludwig Sommer

The time course of olfactory working memory in honey bees (Apis mellifera) (2008)


Jenny Plath

Delayed matching-to-sample memory in harnessed honey bees (2008)


Benjamin Birnbach

The olfactory working memory in the honey bee antennal lobe: an imaging study (2008)


Lena Blocher

The perception of temporally structured odor mixtures by honey bees and humans (2007)