Research Articles

Task-related phasing of circadian rhythms in antennal responsiveness to general odorants and pheromones in honeybees

Nagari M, Szyszka P, Galizia CG, Bloch G

J Biol Rhythms, 2017, 32(6):593-608

Trace conditioning in Drosophila induces associative plasticity in mushroom body Kenyon cells and dopaminergic neurons

Dylla KV, Raiser G, Galizia CG, Szyszka P

Front Neural Circuits, 2017, 11: 42

A high-bandwidth dual-channel olfactory stimulator for studying temporal sensitivity of olfactory processing

Raiser G, Galizia CG, Szyszka P

Chem Senses, 2017, 42: 141-151


Modelling active antennal movements of the American cockroach: towards biorobotic models of active sensing

Pequeno-Zurro A, Nitschke J, Szyszka P, Shaikh D, Couzin-Fuchs E

2nd International Symposium on Swarm Behavior and Bio-Inspired Robotics, 2017


Asymmetric neural coding revealed by in vivo calcium imaging in the honey bee brain

Rigosi E, Haase A, Rath L, Anfora G, Vallortigara G, Szyszka P

Proceedings B, 2015, 282 (1803)

Interactive tracking of insect posture

Shen M, Li C, Huang W, Szyszka P, Shirahama K, Grzegorzek M, Merhof D, Deussen O

Pattern Recognition, 2015, 48: 3560–3571

Automated tracking and analysis of behavior in restrained insects

Shen M, Szyszka P, Deussen O, Galizia CG, Merhof D

J Neurosci Methods, 2015, 239:194-205

High-speed odor transduction and pulse tracking by insect olfactory receptor neurons

Szyszka P, Gerkin RC, Galizia CG, Smith BH

PNAS, 2014, 111:16925-30


Effect of GABAergic Inhibition on odorant concentration coding in mushroom body intrinsic neurons of the honeybee

Froese A, Szyszka P, Menzel R

J Comp Physiol A, 2014, 200:183-95

Converging circuits mediate temperature and shock aversive olfactory conditioning in Drosophila

Galili DS, Dylla KV, Lüdke A, Friedrich AB, Yamagata N, Wong JYH, Ho CH, Szyszka P, Tanimoto H

Current Biology, 2014, 24:1712-22

Rapid learning dynamics in individual honeybees during classical conditioning

Pamir E#, Szyszka P#, Scheiner R, Nawrot MP

Front Behav Neurosci, 2014, 8:313

Millisecond stimulus onset-asynchrony enhances information about components in an odor mixture

Stierle JS, Galizia CG, Szyszka P

J Neurosci, 2013, 33:6060-6069


Data-driven honeybee antennal lobe model suggests how stimulus-onset asynchrony can aid odour segregation

Nowotny T, Stierle JS, Galizia CG, Szyszka P

Brain Res, 2013, 1536:119-134


The looks of an odour - Visualising neural odour response patterns in real time

Strauch M, Müthing C, Broeg MP, Szyszka P, Münch D, Laudes T, Deussen O, Galizia CG, Merhof D

BMC Bioinformatics, 2013, 14 (Suppl 19)


The speed of smell: Odor-object segregation within milliseconds

Szyszka P, Stierle JS, Biergans S, Galizia CG

PLoS One, 2012, 7(4): e36096


INCIDE the brain of a bee: Visualising honeybee brain activity in real time by semantic segmentation

Strauch M, Broeg MP, Müthing C, Szyszka P, Deussen O, Galizia CG, Merhof D

Biological Data Visualization, 2012, IEEE Symposium 17-24


DNA methylation mediates the discriminatory power of associative long-term memory in honeybees

Biergans SD, Jones JC, Treiber N, Galizia CG, Szyszka P

PloS One, 2012, 7(6):e39349

Multiple memory traces after associative learning in the honey bee antennal lobe

Rath L, Galizia CG, Szyszka P

Eur J Neurosci, 2011, 34:352-360

Olfactory trace conditioning in Drosophila

Galili DS, Lüdke  A, Galizia CG, Szyszka P, Tanimoto H

J Neurosci, 2011, 31:7240-7248.

Mind the gap: Olfactory trace conditioning in honeybees

Szyszka P, Demmler C, Oemisch M, Sommer L, Biergans S, Birnbach B, Silbering AF, Galizia CG

J Neurosci, 2011, 31:7229-7239

Differential odor processing in two olfactory pathways in the honeybee

Yamagata N, Schmuker M, Szyszka P, Mizunami M, Menzel R

Front Syst Neurosci, 2009, 3:16

Associative and non-associative plasticity in Kenyon cells of the honeybee mushroom body

Szyszka P, Galkin A, Menzel R

Front Syst Neurosci, 2008, 2:3

Sparsening and temporal sharpening of olfactory representations in the honeybee mushroom bodies

Szyszka P, Ditzen M, Galkin A, Galizia CG, Menzel R

Journal of Neurophysiology, 2005, 94:3303-3313


Uncovering short-time correlations between multichannel recordings of brain activity: A phase-space approach

Galan RF, Ritz R, Herz AVM, Szyszka P

International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, 2004, 14:585-597


Analysis of odor processing in the mushroom bodies of the honeybee

Ritz R, Galan RF, Szyszka P, Herz AVM

Neurocomputing, 2001, 38:313-318

Reviews, Comments and Book Chapters*

The role of the sugar receptor IR60b for Drosophila melanogaster: A hypothesis

Szyszka P, Galizia CG

PeerJ Preprints, 2018, 6:e3511v1


Dynamics of odor-evoked activity patterns in the olfactory system

Nowotny T, Szyszka P

Chapter in: Aronson IS, Pikovsky A, Rulkov NF, Tsimring L (eds.) “Advances in Dynamics, Patterns, Cognition”, 2017, Springer International Publishing


Olfaction in insects

Szyszka P, Galizia CG

Chapter in: Richard L. Doty (ed.) “Handbook of olfaction & gustation”, 2015, Wiley

Mixture processing and odor-object segregation in insects

Szyszka P, Stierle JS

Prog Brain Res, 2014, 208:63-85

Follow the odor

Szyszka P

Science, 2014, 344:1454

Trace conditioning in insects – Keep the trace!

Dylla KV, Galili DS, Szyszka P, Lüdke A

Front Physiol, 2013, 4:67


Olfactory coding in the insect brain: Molecular receptive ranges, spatial and temporal coding

Galizia CG, Szyszka P

Entomologia Experimentalis Et Applicata, 2018, 128:81-92

Odor coding in projection neurons of the honeybee brain

Menzel R, Galizia G, Müller D, Szyszka P

Chem Senses, 2005, 30: I301-i302

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